Saturday, May 23, 2015

Our help to Achanetar, a village cut off from help by a broken bridge

Thanks to the active role of Purushottam Adhikari who hails from the same district, we were able to help this village called Achanetar in Dhading. After the flood damaged this makeshift bridge, this village had been cut off from the lifeline of relief aid distributed by the VDC which has the headquarter in the other side of the river. Our volunteers had to take a circuitous route, walking for three more hours to cross the bridge at other location to access the village. Anyway, the villagers are very grateful and have sent warm words to all the donors who have made such efforts possible.


Monday, May 18, 2015

Photo blog: Helping re-building in Kushdevi, Kavre

Here are some snapshots from the first lot of our help for rebuilding in Kavre. It went very smoothly thanks to the cooperation of local police, teachers and local volunteers. Thanks to meticulous profiling of the needy by our friend Indra Dhungana who has been mobilized to the area by govt for relief activities, all 60 families that received the tin sheets were the most desperate.

This lady had the most moving story: She is old and severely dyspneic, probably with right heart failure. She has 6 sons none of whom takes care of her. She now stays under two tin sheets borrowed from a neighbor. She got ten sheets today but will have to plead with neighbors to help her carry the sheets to her villages 3 hours away from there.